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My greatest hope for your visit here to my website is that you will enjoy taking a peek into the opening pages of my debut novel Siege of the Northland: an action-packed, fantasy adventure.

Siege of the Northland is the story of a fearless young warrior called Jesyka: the Northland's one true heir of the ancient Tribe of Skea. When, as ‘the gifted one’, Jesyka is called upon to fulfil her destiny, and stand with her adopted people against the infamous warlord, Volger, so begins the adventure that will touch her heart and scar her soul…

More information about Siege of the Northland will appear on this website in the months ahead: its journey to reach the light of day, more about the leading characters, and a glimpse into the future with ideas for Book 2 - Winter Warrior.

So come back and visit me anytime!

From Amazon 5* Reviews

Siege of the Northland Book Cover

'...the story lures you into this fantasy world and keeps you gripped...'

'Fast paced adventure fantasy...'

'It's a cool story, crying out for a sequel.'

'Full of interesting and quirky characters.'

'Loved this book!'

'...great story and vivid characters that hold you right to the end.'

ALSO New for 2018: ‘Ruth Reviews’ is a vlog where I share my love of books, films, art… actually anything that grabs my attention and feeds into my life as an author and reviewer. As a known talker, and serious digresser, I have instilled some discipline into the process by ensuring that each post is no more than 5 minutes! Well, hopefully…

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