Early Reviews

Thank you to all my early-bird readers who gallantly took on the task of reading the final draft of Siege of the Northland.

(Claire, Christopher, Carl, Davie, Karen, Kirsty, Zoe, Laura, Marion and Neil)

To those who also put fingers on keys and sent in reviews, thank you for your time.


‘… just thought I would let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the book … it is a real page turner’

‘Wow! At a time when the world feels more challenging than ever, I found it a comforting and thought provoking read.’

‘A great blend of plucky and memorable characters…’

‘Normally I give a book 10 to 20 pages and if it hasn’t grasped my attention then it’s back on the book shelf … I was gripped in the first 2 chapters. As the story progressed the more exciting the book became as the Northlanders fought to retain what they had.’

‘On reaching the final chapter the only thing I had on my mind was BOOK 2.’

‘I felt transported into this World and it kept conjuring up images of The Last Kingdom.’

‘As I was reading it I couldn’t help thinking that it read like a script as it is so descriptive.’

‘I care about the characters and love the momentum leading up to and throughout the final battle.’

‘From the first to the last page I was able to picture each scene so clearly. Aran, Jesyka, and Torpen along with all the other characters are etched into my mind.’

‘Very well done indeed you have to get this published!’