To all readers who put fingers on keys and sent in reviews, thank you for your time.

Extracts from reviews on Amazon (avg 4.9) and Goodreads (avg 4.10) – updated March 2020


‘Full of interesting and quirky characters, from the intriguing Balac, the dapper Zabian and his jewelled boots to the fearsome Volger. Looking forward to the next adventure.’

‘… a great debut novel.’

‘It wasn’t quite what I expected, however I can say without a doubt it was so much more. Fantastically written, great action, I felt like I was right there experiencing everything as it happened. Enjoy!

‘It's fantastic. Once you pick it up you can't stop. The characters are so colourful and descriptive you feel you're there with them in the adventure.’.

‘Loved! Cannot wait for second book in the series.’

‘Action packed and fast paced, I finished this in nearly one sitting!’

‘Throughout this book I had a clear vision of the characters and all that surrounded them, this accompanied by a great storyline made for an excellent read.’ 

‘…the story lures you into this fantasy world and keeps you gripped…’

Fast paced adventure fantasy…’

Loved this book - really immersed me in the world and characters.’

‘A perfect read for all ages, with plenty of plot-twists, a wonderfully evil villain and a strong female protagonist! What more could you ask for??’

‘It’s a cool story, crying out for a sequel.’

‘Loved this book!’

‘…great story and vivid characters that hold you right to the end.’

‘Total escapism… Makings of a super series of books or film.’