MY relationship with self-coaching began, when, as a WRITER, I unexpectedly found myself STUCK… 

NOW, I appreciate that being ‘stuck’ isn’t a very technical term but it perfectly describes where you sometimes find yourself. It can happen suddenly, caused by an event  or it can creep up on you, so that one day you realise you’ve lost something along the way – joy, happiness, contentment, peace, purpose… You feel sad, a bit down and frustratingly can’t always pinpoint why.

‘At one time or other most of us have felt trapped by things we find ourselves thinking or doing…’
Stephen Grosz (psychoanalyst)

AND yet the good news is that the chances are you do know why and you also know the best way forward to becoming ‘unstuck.’

SO, when doubting, self-sabotaging thoughts, began to squeeze the life out of my lifelong belief that I was on this mortal coil to be a writer – amongst other things – I was not best chuffed! Which is putting it mildly!

IN my search for CLARITY, I trained as a Life Coach and  NLP Practitioner and raised my levels of self-awareness, self-belief, self-care and self-trust. And before I knew it,  I FELT like I was on my way HOME! Not to Yorkshire. But to myself!


AND being a writer, the logical thing to do, of course, was to write a SELF-COACHING BOOK!


Create CLARITY: Self-Coach The YORKSHIRE Way,’ is a light-hearted, accessible and inspiring read.

This EBOOK allows you to begin your SELF-COACHING JOURNEY in your OWN TIME and at your OWN PACE. 

PLEASE NOTE: This SELF-HELP book is for ANYONE who wants to start their SELF-COACHING journey – not just for writers! 

My aim in writing this toolkit was quite simple – to deliver a FUN, STRAIGHT-TALKING, CONCISE guide on HOW to bring CLARITY into your life through the power of SELF-COACHING.

AND is now available from Amazon at the grand price of £1.99!